Taking Command of Sales with 20% Increase
Taking Command of Web Traffic with 143% Increase

Client Background: Command Strips by 3M are adhesive strips and hooks used in the home, school or office for versatile decorating and general purpose hanging. They hold fast and remove cleanly and easily on most any surface, thereby eliminating the need for destructive nails, screws or tacks. 3M’s initial creative executions introduced consumers to what, at the time, was the only product of its type on the market.

Client Challenge: 3M expected Command Strips to match the must-have popularity of Post-It Notes — but the existing TV spots failed to raise retail sales to their forecasted goals. 3M needed a new strategy to better explain the unique features and benefits of this new product category.

Our Strategy: Capitalize on the broadly recognized and highly respected 3M brand name. Identify a younger consumer target, women aged 25-35, based on learnings from our media executions and brand awareness studies.   Create and produce a series of brand response spots to showcase Command Strips uniqueness.

Our Solution: Create more contemporary looking visual demonstrations of the products numerous usages. Optimize media plans to resonate with younger audiences. Test coupons and highlight call-to-action triggers to engage a more tech-savvy demographics. Identify back to school as a peak purchase period and create specially tailored versions of the TV spot.

Campaign Results: Sales jumped 20% in the first three months, making Command Strips the most improved product in year-over-year sales and the highest grossing and strongest brand within the 3M product lineup. Traffic to the product’s website increased by 143%. The campaign was translated and aired in six other countries.


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