Certified Success: Reducing Cost-per-Enrollment by 30%

Client Background: Penn Foster Career School (PFCS), formerly known as International Correspondence Schools (ICS), is the world’s oldest distance learning institution. PFCS offers degree, diploma and certificate programs across a variety of vocations, as well as an accredited high school curriculum.

Client Challenge: When the school changed its name, it needed to announce the new moniker and transition the ICS brand to Penn Foster. The challenge was to launch a rebranding marketing campaign without increasing the cost-per-lead (CPL).

Our Strategy: Identify the target prospects of unemployed or under-employed people. Create brand recognition and stimulate interest in learning more about the school.

Our Solution: Hawthorne used research about their target’s viewing and consumption habits to create an optimized broadcast media plan. Hawthorne’s DRTV and digital creative cemented the Penn Foster brand in the mind of the target audience as the wisest choice for achieving their vocational goals.

Campaign Results: Hawthorne’s creative helped Penn Foster successfully rebrand and expand enrollment. Simultaneously, our strategic media campaign reduced the CPL by 30%.


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