Profitable customer and market share growth

Client Background: Nationally recognized insurance marketer's general agency of record had developed and launched a Tomorrow Maker's brand campaign the year prior, but the client had not seen a measurable lift in new policies or brand awareness. Hawthorne was engaged to develop and launch a 28:30 Brand Response campaign which included a :60 spot in the rotation.

Client Challenge: Life insurance brings up unpleasant thoughts and is perceived as a complicated purchase. Prospects feel the need to connect with a trusted advisor to understand their options but they do not want to be pressured by a sales person.

Our Solution: Based on the client's segmentation analysis of its term life customers, Hawthorne created a Brand Response campaign that focused on the benefits of life insurance in a positive manner, while showing and emphasizing how easy the purchase decisions can be made.

Campaign Results: The Hawthorne campaign delivered profitable customer and market share growth, increased brand awareness, and complemented the new branding message.


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