Catapult is an industry leading data science source and media planning process that optimizes all client campaigns with qualitative and quantitative reporting and insights. The Catapult process engages the agency's Creative, Account and Media teams to share interactive communication with brand clients, ensuring the media optimization of each campaign.

Hawthorne's proprietary testing methodology to determine retail response.

Hawthorne's exclusive statistical approach to web attribution analytics. Measures the response curve of TV airings and extrapolates the hidden signal from the visible signal through a proven methodology.

Hawthorne's proprietary database of media trends and buying behaviors. Derived from national and local media campaigns spanning over 25+ years and several billion dollars of already optimized media. Helps a new campaign target the most effective media with nearly 100% accuracy.

Hawthorne's innovative dashboard delivers up-to-the-minute data tracking with rich layers of consumer insights, demographic habits and marketplace trends. Helps visualize full campaign performance factors.

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