Timothy R. Hawthorne
hawthorne direct, inc.
Modern Infomercial Pioneer

Introducing the Power of the Half Hourâ„¢
Infomercials are one of the most powerful marketing channels around for one simple reason: They work … big time.

Why? Because infomercials break out of the clutter, power-fully differentiate your product, and dramatically drive sales by educating, entertaining, and involving viewers in a full half-hour of theater…and they give you the bottom-line accountability of traditional direct marketing.

In The Complete Guide to Infomercial Marketing, you get all the insights and know-how of Tim Hawthorne, one of the long-time leaders of the infomercial business. Drawing on his 20-plus years’ experience producing some of the most profitable infomercials ever made, Hawthorne provides step-by-step practical guidance to help you:

Determine if an infomercial is right for your product.
Develop winning strategies and identify the right audience for your product every time.
Find the best creative approach and produce it cost- effectively.
Plan, budget, measure, and evaluate performance for maximum payoff.
Buy and analyze media like a pro.
Develop efficient support and fulfillment operations.
Extend your profits through savvy aftermarketing and retail  tie-ins.

All of this practical know-how, plus forms, checklists, planning guides, and samples, make this the one book you'll want to refer to when you produce your next infomercial - or your first.