DRTV Media Buying

Media Buying is a specialty.

Unlike general television advertising, direct response advertising is measured based on response - whether it is driven by cost per order, cost per lead, cost per call or other criteria. DRTV media is discounted from general advertising rates. Direct response TV commercials and ads are purchased on a market-to-market, station-to-station basis and is constantly being booked, canceled, changed and re-negotiated. In the best performing venues, there is generally more demand for the time than what is available, so it is key to have solid relationships with the station contacts and inside knowledge of the marketplace.

We think of direct response television media management as air traffic control for your campaign. Changes in budgets, response rates, station schedules and other factors all influence the direction of your campaign. You need an agency you can depend on to stay abreast of all these factors, react quickly, and guide your direct response media buying to ensure maximum success and profitability at every stage.

As DRTV media planners, buyers and analysts, Hawthorne sees DRTV as the "engine" that can drive and enhance success for many other direct response media channels.

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