Our Campaigns are Integrated, Targeted and Accountable.

Hawthorne is the leader in media-only services. Our buyers, armed with proprietary tools and technology, will deliver the optimal results for your campaign — on-air to online.


Our clients often approach us with an existing TV commercial that is in need of an ROI-driven integrated media strategy, cross device attribution & optimization, and enterprise-class analytics. Our experienced strategists and buyers consistently outperform competing media agencies in all relevant metrics, including lower Cost Per Visit, Cost Per Acquisition, Household Reach & Frequency and TRPs. Our custom reporting dashboards can be integrated with your actual sales and revenue data to provide you with a full P&L and ROAS on your media investment. Also, as an independent agency that owns no media properties, Hawthorne is not required to purchase media from internal trading platforms like competing agencies who are owned by global holding companies. The result is the most flexible, profitable and efficient media that drives revenue for our clients.

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