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Snapchat and Instagram Lure Teens Away from Facebook at an Increasing Rate

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    • People under age 20 are becoming less enamored with Facebook, and more engaged by Snapchat and Instagram. Although the number of U.S. Facebook users overall has risen 2.4% (to 173M) in 2017, those aged 12 to 17 will drop by 3.4% (to 14.5M). While 82% of this age group currently frequents Facebook, only 76% of them are expected to do so in 2021. Teens continuing to visit Facebook typically log in less frequently,
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Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennial Entrepreneurs Favor Facebook

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  • Forbes has just published a new survey: “Forbes’ 30 Under 30” revealing, among other things, media consumption habits and preferences of young superstars in business, finance and investment. Among the most interesting findings:
  • Social media platform preference: Facebook (28%), Instagram (25%), Twitter (23%), LinkedIn (17%) and Snapchat (6%).
  • Main source for news: news sites (70%), social media (61%), apps/email (26%), print (24%), TV (19%)
  • Content type shared most often: business-related (51%),
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Has Google Finally Proven Online Ads Cause Offline Purchases?

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  • Google, as part of its ongoing effort to link online ad exposure to offline purchases, announced in late May that it will be able to track about 70% of credit/debit card purchases, and to connect them to online consumer behavior. Currently, about 30% of all ad dollars are spent online, and Google receives about 50% of that as revenue. Google’s announcement is a response to its competition Facebook/Square/Marketo, who track some consumer store visits and transactions.
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Best Digital ROI

Which Digital Channels Deliver the Best ROI?

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    • GetResponse surveyed 2,510 digital marketers from around the world. 42% worked at a B2C company, 19% at a B2B firm, and 39% in either one or the other. They found that email and social media ranked as the top two digital channels for delivering an excellent ROI.

18% of marketers across all industries indicated that email marketing produced a superior return on investment, social media ranked second (17%),

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Gen-Z: The Not So Silent Generation

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More than 70% of Gen-Zers (those born after 1995) surveyed ( NRF/IMB “Uniquely Gen-Z Study” ) say they influence family spending on everything from electronics to vacations to household items. A poll of 1,000 parents of Gen-Zers by InfoScout revealed that Mom and Dad agree: wholly 67% of those parents claimed they “get their child’s input before making purchases,” and 59% asserted that “they won’t buy an item if their child does not approve.” These percentages pertain particularly to apparel,

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Milliseconds Matter

The Cost of Milliseconds in the Digital Marketplace

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Soasta, a leading digital performance analytics company, recently conducted its State of Online 

Retail Performance Study, in which it assessed data from over 10 billion online retail user experiences. It sought to observe across online media (on desktop, mobile and tablet) the challenges presented by each second of loading time to consumer viewership and ultimate sales conversion.  Topline observation:  If a retailer’s page requires more than three seconds to load,

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TV & Internet Consumption

Is TV’s Reign Nearing Its End?

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For years, trends of average daily TV and internet consumption (mobile + desktop measured in minutes per person) have been converging. In 2009, per person time spent on each channel was 48 minutes for internet, and 188 minutes for TV. As the rise in internet usage has continued to erode TV usage, we see that in 2016 TV minutes have declined to 170 minutes, in contrast to internet minutes, which have risen to 140 minutes –

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Social Media Marketing Trends

2017 Social Media Marketing Trends: Top B2B/B2C Networks/Paid Channels

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  • When one looks at social media platforms and their usage preferences by B2C and B2B marketers, we find that larger numbers of B2C (vs. B2B) marketers use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. In contrast, more B2B (vs. B2C) marketersuse LinkedIn and Twitter. When one asks both (B2B and B2C) to rank which social media platform is “the most important social media channel they use,” one hears: Facebook (62%), LinkedIn (16%), Twitter (9%), Instagram (7%), YouTube (4%) and Pinterest (2%).
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More Honesty, Less Snark: How Consumers Want Brands to Act on Social Media

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  • In Spring 2017, a study of just over 1,000 consumers was conducted, assessing which personality traits consumers enjoy (or expect to see displayed) in social media by the brands they care about. Clearly, we all like our brands to be “Honest”, and indeed that attribute topped the list with 86% respondents specifying that trait. Following that, qualities noted were (in order): “Friendly” (83%), “Helpful” (78%), “Funny” (72%), “Trendy” (43%), “Politically Correct” (39%), and finally “Snarky” (33%).
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Increases in mobile purchasing

Consumer Purchase Behavior by Industry, Device, and Country

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  • Gaining insight into the dynamics of consumer preference is an essential part of maximizing chances for success in growing sales and customer loyalty.
  • Chargebacks911, a chargeback management company, analyzed consumer buying behavior across 11 different industries, and found that brick-and-mortar was the preferred venue for purchases in 9 out of the 11 industries. Across all industries: 48.3% of consumers research online, 32.3% research in-store, 36.5% purchase online and 49.5% purchase in-store. This indicates that although consumers research online they prefer to shop in-store,
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