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Mobile Advertising

The State of Mobile Advertising

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  • The popularity of Facebook, Google and Snapchat (among others) is, for the most part, driving the rapid growth of mobile advertising. Snapchat’s mobile ad growth from 2016 to 2019 is expected to outpace that of Google, Amazon and Facebook during the same time period. However, Google and Facebook still have the biggest market share in mobile advertising. Mobile (and mobile-based impressions and clicks) are key drivers for advertising growth. According to Zenith Media. Magna Global,
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Content is King

On TV & Video: No One Can Deny That Content is King.

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  • The nature of television today is morphing dramatically, and for numerous suppliers, content has become king. To win subscribers, Netflix and Amazon have been providing high-quality programming – but is costing them astronomical sums to do so.  In 2017, Netflix intends to spend around $6 billion.  Amazon will be following suit with about $7 billion.  This compares to NBC’s and CBS’ outlays that will likely be in the range of $4 to $5 billion.
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Gen-Z Shopping

How Generation Z is Transforming the Shopping Experience.

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  • Gen-Z (aka “the iGeneration” or “post-millennials”, etc.), referring to those born sometime between 1995 and 2014, number about 60 million in the United States. As a generation, they are even more numerous than Millennials (by about one million), and are an extremely diverse group:    non-Hispanic Caucasians (55%), Hispanic (24%), African-American (14%), Asian (4%), multiracial/other (4%).
  • Having never known life without the internet or mobile phones, one would think that this generation necessarily would be a boon to e-commerce (which it is),
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Automating the mixed-media model improves accountability

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO

Original Publication: Marketing Drive

Date Published: July 11, 2017

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO of agency Hawthorne.

As marketing budgets have soared, so has the need for accountability. For direct response marketers, this comes as no surprise.

The 2016-2017 “CMO Spend Survey” 

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How to Meet Millennials’ Random Media Consumption with Convergence.

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  • The mind-blowing surge in digital advertising over the past years is a testament to marketers’ confidence in the medium’s ability to engage today’s audiences. Amazingly, fully 99% of this ad growth is related to Facebook and Google. All too often, when brand managers are looking for a risk-free way to reach Millennials, they automatically turn to social media, but this misses some opportunities, and is an approach that is somewhat out of focus.
  • When it comes to consuming “print” (online and offline),
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Four International Trends to Watch in 2017

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

Original Link: ER Magazine

Date Published: May – June Issue 2017

Some 95 percent of the world’s consumers reside outside of the United States, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says, so the lure of the international marketplace is strong for marketers seeking new customers, business opportunities, and higher revenues. But while thinking beyond borders presents exciting opportunities for anyone wanting to take advantage of the world marketplace,

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Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

Opinion Improving marketing ROI with data analytics

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO

Original Publication: Information Management

Organizations are increasingly adopting big data analytics to understand and then fix business problems. They’re learning how to extract value from multi-sourced information and then relate that information to an issue in their marketing, manufacturing, advertising, or shipping, etc.

For example, T-Mobile (and the other main carriers) consistently use big data analytics to spot the reasons for (and prevent) customer turnover.

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5 Ways to Pull Order and Insights from Big Data

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

Original Link: Datanami

Date Published: June 1, 2017

Walmart is a global leader in using data analytics to form insights. For example, the company previously used data generated during hurricanesto better estimate demand for emergency supplies, so it could be best prepared to meet customer needs. The company focuses on both reactive and proactive analytics, so they can thoroughly review past problems and spot upcoming errors in advance.

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Agency Insights

Three Trends Shaping the Future of Consumer Privacy Online

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO

Original Publication: ER Magazine

Date Published: March/April 2017 Issue

In November 2016, Verizon outlined a plan to combine consumers’ offline information—postal addresses, email addresses, device type, etc.—with browser cookies in order to be able to sync personally-identifiable data with an individual’s browsing history and mobile app usage. Following similar, previous announcements from Google and Facebook, Verizon is “accelerating its tracking efforts despite consumers’ privacy concerns,” according to an article at the tech news website Recode.

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Digital Media

2017 Retail Commerce Snapshot

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2017 Retail Commerce Snapshot
(eMarketer; March/April Report)

  • It is impossible to ignore today the tremendous impact of online shopping on sales overall. Although growth in total retail sales has been moderate, the rise in digital commerce paints a different picture – especially in the mobile arena.
  • Digital commerce is accounting for an increasing portion of total retail sales. Retail e-commerce is expected to hit $790 billion in 2021 (14% of total retail sales),
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