Consumer Purchase Behavior by Industry, Device, and Country

  • Gaining insight into the dynamics of consumer preference is an essential part of maximizing chances for success in growing sales and customer loyalty.
  • Chargebacks911, a chargeback management company, analyzed consumer buying behavior across 11 different industries, and found that brick-and-mortar was the preferred venue for purchases in 9 out of the 11 industries. Across all industries: 48.3% of consumers research online, 32.3% research in-store, 36.5% purchase online and 49.5% purchase in-store. This indicates that although consumers research online they prefer to shop in-store, demonstrating the need for moving towards an omnichannel experience. Another indication of that need is the rise in mobile shopping, as every industry showed an increased percentage of purchases executed on mobile.
    • Mobile phone purchasing increased by: 57% in books, movies, music and games, 50% in DIY and home improvement, 80% in health and beauty, 60% in sports equipment and outdoor, 50% in clothing and shoes, 25% in furniture and homeware, 67% in household appliances, 33% in toys, 50% in consumer electronics and computers, 50% in groceries and 40% in jewelry and watches.
    • In the study, people of China, Brazil, and Vietnam often were the most likely to purchase online whereas consumers in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada were more likely to purchase in-store (along with the U.S.).
  • Books, Movies, Music, and Games appeared as one of the industries most likely to be sought out online (with 68% of interested consumers preferring to research online, and 60% electing to purchase online). In contrast, Grocery was one of the industries least likely to be sought out online, with only 30% of consumers preferring to research that category online, and only 21% choosing to purchase such items online.

(MarketingProfs; 06.05.2017)