More than 70% of Gen-Zers (those born after 1995) surveyed ( NRF/IMB “Uniquely Gen-Z Study” ) say they influence family spending on everything from electronics to vacations to household items. A poll of 1,000 parents of Gen-Zers by InfoScout revealed that Mom and Dad agree: wholly 67% of those parents claimed they “get their child’s input before making purchases,” and 59% asserted that “they won’t buy an item if their child does not approve.” These percentages pertain particularly to apparel, e-commerce, entertainment, fast- moving consumer items, restaurants and specialty retail.

According to research findings, Gen-Zers participate in buying considerations right from the beginning. 85% of parents ask their Gen-Z children for input during the research/planning phase, and 91% consult with them when they’re in the process of choosing a product. These children are only on hand during 1-in-4 shopping excursions, so opportunities for marketers to engage with them personally is limited. Particularly interesting: when a Gen-Zer is along on the shopping trip, that household tends to spend an average of $6 more. This jumps to $12+ when the shopping takes place at clubs or wholesale retailers like Sam’s Club or Costco.