• In Spring 2017, a study of just over 1,000 consumers was conducted, assessing which personality traits consumers enjoy (or expect to see displayed) in social media by the brands they care about. Clearly, we all like our brands to be “Honest”, and indeed that attribute topped the list with 86% respondents specifying that trait. Following that, qualities noted were (in order): “Friendly” (83%), “Helpful” (78%), “Funny” (72%), “Trendy” (43%), “Politically Correct” (39%), and finally “Snarky” (33%).
  • Consumers appreciate interacting with brands about timely themes, but consider it “uncool” to talk politics, josh certain customer groups, chide competitors, or even use slang. Social platforms that resonate most positively (in order) are: Facebook (83%), YouTube (48%), Twitter (40%), Instagram (35%), LinkedIn (33%), Pinterest (30% and Snapchat (27%).

(MarketingProfs; 05.25.2017)