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Hawthorne Sweeps Up 21 Awards In 2nd Half of 2018 Honoring Creative Work and Agency Accolades

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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Hawthorne, a creative, analytics and technology-driven advertising agency, announced today that it has won 21 creative and corporate awards in the second half of 2018, bringing its total awards for the year to an impressive 51. The awards were granted by four different organizations and recognized 12 different Hawthorne campaigns for 9 different clients. In addition, CEO and owner Jessica Hawthorne-Castro was honored with two awards for her leadership.

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BIA: Engagement, ROI Key For Advertisers. From InsideRadio

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Author: Paul Heine, Managing Editor of InsideRadio

Original Publication: InsideRadio

Date Published: December 3, 2018

A BIA survey of 1,500 local advertisers found customer-engagement benchmarks and expected ROI are the biggest determining factors in where they invest their marketing dollars. Among radio advertisers, expected ROI came in first (40%), followed by customer-engagement benchmarks (39%), business conditions (38.2%), expected revenues (37.8%) and money left after other expenses are paid (33.7%).

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Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro featured on BIA’s Local Impact Webinar Series

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November 28, 2018 — 

BIA’s Advisory Services Webinar: Sales Enablement: Recruitment, Technology Implementation & Coaching


Our CEO Jessica Hawthorne-Castro was featured in BIA’s  Local Impact Webinar Series, where she shared insights into the “buy side” of the media business and what it takes to attract and support a high-performance team that can impress agencies. Check out BIA’s additional webinars on advertising & marketing here: https://bit.ly/2zEB6yP

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6 Ways To Thrive In Today’s Challenging Omnichannel Economy

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By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro 

Original Publication: YPO.Org

Date of Publication: October 9, 2018

Today’s marketing landscape is broader, deeper and more complex than ever before. There are more channels, more choices and more customers who get more savvy every day. Thriving in this “omnichannel marketing” playground is a balancing act. Companies have to continuously evaluate and strengthen customer touchpoints while delivering a consistent and seamless experience across all channels.

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Hawthorne has been selected as a winner of 8 Davey Awards!

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October 24, 2018 — Hawthorne has been selected as a winner of 8 Davey Awards (1 Gold and 7 Silver) for:

HomeAdvisor “With HomeAdvisor” Campaign

GOLD in Campaign -Commercial Campaign for Commercials.
With these spots we aimed to expand HomeAdvisor’s target audience to include first-time millennial homeowners looking for help with home improvements and baby boomers looking for a way to help their aging parents with home repair projects.

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Why direct response TV marketing is still effective

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By Bill Cogar

Original Publication: SmartBrief

Date of Publication: October 23, 2018

Any advertisement that engages consumers and asks them to respond directly to a brand in the form of a click, call or purchase, including but not limited to mailers, billboards, social and display advertisements, emails, texts or calls is known as responsive or accountable advertising. When TV is the medium, it is known as Direct Response TV Advertising,

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Galaxy Awards 2018

Hawthorne Selected as Bronze Winner of the 2018 Galaxy Awards in both TV Ad and Video Campaign Categories

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Hawthorne Selected as Bronze Winner of the 2018 Galaxy Awards in both TV Ad and Video Campaign Categories

October 22, 2018 — Hawthorne is awarded the  2018 Bronze Galaxy Awards awards for:

L’Oreal “Revitalift” TV Ad

BRONZE in TV Ad – Single

Hawthorne’s TV ad for “Revitalift” focused on the authority of experts, the experiences of real

testimonials, and easy-to-understand demos explaining the appearance of skin aging and the benefit of the product.

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“If You’re Looking For A Job In Advertising, Strive To Combine Your Right Brain Creativity With Left Brain Data”

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By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro 

Original Publication: Howigotjob.com

Date of Publication: September 24, 2018

Why Did You Seek Out A Career In The Advertising Industry?
Patience has never been my strong suit, so finding a career that allows me to see immediate results was a natural fit for me. Advertising provides the best of both worlds – a perfect combination of working directly with clients and leveraging creativity.

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Data Savvy Marketers

5 Ways Marketers Can Hire Data-Savvy Talent

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By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro 

Original Publication: Recruiter.com

Date of Publication: September 25, 2018

The field of marketing and advertising has historically attracted a wide range of people with a wide range of skill sets and interests. Communication, psychology, art, writing, and business are all part of the marketing stew — and increasingly, so is data science. While the Mad Men days of collaborative brainstorming and flashes of inspiration are not completely gone,

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