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Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennial Entrepreneurs Favor Facebook

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  • Forbes has just published a new survey: “Forbes’ 30 Under 30” revealing, among other things, media consumption habits and preferences of young superstars in business, finance and investment. Among the most interesting findings:
  • Social media platform preference: Facebook (28%), Instagram (25%), Twitter (23%), LinkedIn (17%) and Snapchat (6%).
  • Main source for news: news sites (70%), social media (61%), apps/email (26%), print (24%), TV (19%)
  • Content type shared most often: business-related (51%),
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Gen-Z Shopping

How Generation Z is Transforming the Shopping Experience.

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  • Gen-Z (aka “the iGeneration” or “post-millennials”, etc.), referring to those born sometime between 1995 and 2014, number about 60 million in the United States. As a generation, they are even more numerous than Millennials (by about one million), and are an extremely diverse group:    non-Hispanic Caucasians (55%), Hispanic (24%), African-American (14%), Asian (4%), multiracial/other (4%).
  • Having never known life without the internet or mobile phones, one would think that this generation necessarily would be a boon to e-commerce (which it is),
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Agency Insights

Three Trends Shaping the Future of Consumer Privacy Online

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO

Original Publication: ER Magazine

Date Published: March/April 2017 Issue

In November 2016, Verizon outlined a plan to combine consumers’ offline information—postal addresses, email addresses, device type, etc.—with browser cookies in order to be able to sync personally-identifiable data with an individual’s browsing history and mobile app usage. Following similar, previous announcements from Google and Facebook, Verizon is “accelerating its tracking efforts despite consumers’ privacy concerns,” according to an article at the tech news website Recode.

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In Advertising, as in Culture, the U.S. Still Struggles with Diversity

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A late 2016 study from YouGov (online research firm) and BabyCenter (the #1 pregnancy and parenting web destination worldwide) found that 80% of parents are very much in favor of seeing diverse families in advertising, and it has become apparent to all that brand advertisers have responded by featuring a broader range of race, sexual orientation and gender identity in their ad content. Not only do consumers want to see that, attention to that concern can also be a smart business decision.

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Social Media Millennials

Gen-X Top Social Media Users

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When one thinks about “social media users”, Millennials often come to mind. However, it has been discovered that Gen-Xers (ages 35-49) actually spend more time in that arena. While Millennials allocate just over six hours there weekly, Gen-Xers surpass them by at least an hour. Among Gen-Xers, women allocate 25% of their online time in social media compared to 19% of men, and this is true across cultures. More specifically, females within this group disproportionately frequent Facebook on Sundays while watching primetime TV.

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Mobile Slowing Ad-Blocker Use Among Millennials

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Millennials are more likely than any other demographic group to use ad-blockers, because they tend to be technology early-adopters and generally spend more time browsing online. In 2017, 20.1% of U.S. consumers will use an ad-blocking extension on desktops and laptops, although just 7.9% will do so on-the-go as these extensions function less effectively on smartphones. In 2017, about 37 million Millennials will surf the Web on a device with an enabled ad-blocker – nevertheless mobile devices leave the door open to marketers who wish to get their ads in front of the eyes of this lucrative target audience.

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67% of Gen-Z (ages 13 - 21) shop in brick-and-mortar stores

Digital-Savvy Gen-Z Clings to Physical Stores & Brand Experiences

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  • The just-released global study from IBM Institute for Business Value found 67% of Gen-Z (ages 13 – 21) shop in brick-and-mortar stores most of the time, with another 31% doing so sometimes – indicating 98% of Gen-Z’ers shop in-store at some time or another. They are willing to pay more for value and a personalized experience. The bad news: only 19% of retailers were found to provide a highly-personalized shopping experience.
  • 62% are prepared to share with brands their purchase history,
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20 Million Dogs

Marketing to Hispanic Pet Owners in 2017

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  • Over the past ten years, the population of U.S. Hispanics with pets in their homes increased dramatically from 11 million to 20 million, as the rate of pet ownership among Latinos rose from 40% to 55% between 2007 and 2016. This is due not only to the expansion of the Hispanic population, but also to the hastening rate of Hispanic acculturation. Pet ownership has become a marker of increasing acculturation within the Latino population.
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Black Millennials in America – Young, Active and Affluent

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  • Black Millennials (ages 18-34) in the United States, who constitute 14% of the total Millennial population, are more educated, affluent and diverse consumers than older generations driving digital and social change. They comprise over 25% of the U.S. Black population, compared to White Millennials, who make up 22% of the White population.
  •  This group’s constituents are more likely than older generations to pursue higher degrees, and their average annual household income is increasing –
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Young, Connected and Black

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African-Americans continue to represent a significant percentage of growth in the U.S. population. Having grown 21% between 2004 and 2014, the U.S. Black population is currently at 46.3 million (or 14% of the country’s population, per the U.S. Census. America’s countenance is increasingly younger and more diverse, driven largely by Millennials. There are 83.1 million Millennials in the country now, of which African-American Millennials comprise 14%. African-American Millennials comprise 25% of the total Black population –

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