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Publicity Campaign

Planning A Publicity Campaign? Here Are Six Things To Consider First

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Original Publication: Forbes

Date Published: February 5, 2019

How your business is perceived by the public has a major impact on sales and customer retention. A well-planned public relations campaign can rally brand supporters together and promote a positive public image. However, a poorly executed publicity stunt can destroy your business’ reputation.

If you’re itching to make a PR move in the near future, consider these tips from Forbes Agency Council before you plan and launch your campaign.

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How and Why Advertising Dollars

How – And Where – To Maximize Your Advertising Dollars in 2019

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Original Publication: Forbes

Date Published: February 1, 2019

Advertising usually takes up a large percentage of companies’ budgets each year. To stay relevant, businesses cannot solely rely on what they’ve done in the past; they must also utilize up-and-coming platforms and strategies or risk getting lost in the shuffle. This new year is sure to be no exception, with new advertising tools and platforms trending throughout the year.

With so many advertising options to choose from,

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