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VMA Rountable: The Unified Video Landscape

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Original Publication: VMA Media

Date Published: June 3, 2019

Presented by George Leon, Chief Strategy Officer, Hawthorne. 

While consumer data on linear TV is based on probabilities, digital video provides a more deterministic data set provided. No matter the source, George Leon suggests that data lifts both TV and Digital and ultimately ties them together. George goes on to share the unified video landscape that he sees in marketers’ futures.

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2017 Retail Commerce Snapshot

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2017 Retail Commerce Snapshot
(eMarketer; March/April Report)

  • It is impossible to ignore today the tremendous impact of online shopping on sales overall. Although growth in total retail sales has been moderate, the rise in digital commerce paints a different picture – especially in the mobile arena.
  • Digital commerce is accounting for an increasing portion of total retail sales. Retail e-commerce is expected to hit $790 billion in 2021 (14% of total retail sales),
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Consumer Trust in Media is Evolving in the Digital Age

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  • The means and resources consumers are using to consider products to purchase appears to be evolving. While some assert that their trust in branded ad messages is falling in favor of online reviews, a significant number of consumers say the opposite.
  • An October 2016 survey by Marketing Sherpa discovered that 80%+ of American web users placed more trust in print and TV ads (compared to digital ads) when making their buying decisions.
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