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John Francis, DBA

What Is Privacy Forward and Why Does it Matter for Marketers?

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By John Francis, DBA

Original Publication: Marketo

Date of Publication: November 12, 2018

When I worked as a webmaster at AOL in the early days, every employee had visibility into every member’s account. Then in 1999, a naval officer was outed by one of the employees after he logged into an alternate profile with a different screen name. AOL’s course of action was to immediately shut down access to all members’ data and hire an integrity assurance officer.

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Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

How Agencies Can Help Prepare The Next Generation Of Data-Driven Marketers

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By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro 

Original Publication: AdExchanger

Date of Publication: September 20, 2018

Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.

Today’s column is written by Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO at Hawthorne.

The rise of data science has had a major impact on just about every industry out there,

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Standing Out When Marketing Noise is Louder than Ever

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By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro 

Original Publication: MarTechSeries.com 

Date of Publication: July 26, 2018

Six Ways To Fight Back And Rise Above The Crowd When The Noise Around You Gets Too Loud For You And Your Customers To Ignore

In a time where the consumer wants, needs, and behaviors are evolving as rapidly as technology and data, it’s becoming harder for marketers to stand out and rise above the noise.

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Jessica HC12

Increase Customer Engagement With Data-Driven Marketing

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By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro (YPO Los Angeles)

Original Publication: YPO.Org

How companies are leveraging data to develop complete, multi-channel pictures of exactly what their customers think and want — and then fulfilling those needs.

There isn’t a corner of the advertising world that hasn’t been touched by data-driven marketing, or the use of data to make good decisions and improve engagement with both existing and future customers.

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Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

The Use Of Neuroscience In Marketing: Mixing Creativity And Science To Boost Campaign Impact

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO

Original Publication: DemandGenReport

Date Published: September 22, 2017

Editor’s Note: This Demanding View is the second of a two-part series of articles from Hawthorne Direct. Part 1 can be viewed here.

Marketers and advertisers have forever been in the business of figuring out what people want, and more importantly, figuring out how to turn the products they are selling products that people want.

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Influencer Marketing

How to Identify the Right Influencers to Market for Your Brand

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  • In 2017, nearly 87 million Americans used an ad blocker, a 24% rise over 2016. While consumer avoidance of ads can be a threat to marketers, it is also an opportunity to reach one’s target through an alternative means of advertising:  influencer marketing.  Influencers – one’s real customers and relevant audiences – can be used to boost engagement, reach and purchase conversions.  Influencers, by virtue of their product thought-leadership and reach among a product’s target audience,
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20 Million Dogs

Marketing to Hispanic Pet Owners in 2017

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  • Over the past ten years, the population of U.S. Hispanics with pets in their homes increased dramatically from 11 million to 20 million, as the rate of pet ownership among Latinos rose from 40% to 55% between 2007 and 2016. This is due not only to the expansion of the Hispanic population, but also to the hastening rate of Hispanic acculturation. Pet ownership has become a marker of increasing acculturation within the Latino population.
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