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Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennial Entrepreneurs Favor Facebook

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  • Forbes has just published a new survey: “Forbes’ 30 Under 30” revealing, among other things, media consumption habits and preferences of young superstars in business, finance and investment. Among the most interesting findings:
  • Social media platform preference: Facebook (28%), Instagram (25%), Twitter (23%), LinkedIn (17%) and Snapchat (6%).
  • Main source for news: news sites (70%), social media (61%), apps/email (26%), print (24%), TV (19%)
  • Content type shared most often: business-related (51%),
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Gen-Z Shopping

How Generation Z is Transforming the Shopping Experience.

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  • Gen-Z (aka “the iGeneration” or “post-millennials”, etc.), referring to those born sometime between 1995 and 2014, number about 60 million in the United States. As a generation, they are even more numerous than Millennials (by about one million), and are an extremely diverse group:    non-Hispanic Caucasians (55%), Hispanic (24%), African-American (14%), Asian (4%), multiracial/other (4%).
  • Having never known life without the internet or mobile phones, one would think that this generation necessarily would be a boon to e-commerce (which it is),
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Automating the mixed-media model improves accountability

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Author: Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO

Original Publication: Marketing Drive

Date Published: July 11, 2017

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO of agency Hawthorne.

As marketing budgets have soared, so has the need for accountability. For direct response marketers, this comes as no surprise.

The 2016-2017 “CMO Spend Survey” 

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58% Abandon Mobile Transactions Before Checkout

58% Abandon Mobile Transactions Before Checkout

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The greatest challenge retailers encounter with mobile purchasing is closing the deal. Over 78% of consumers purchased an item by mobile during the past half-year, and while 42% of those finished the transaction, over 58% abandoned their shopping cart before checking out. The top three reasons for doing so: “Asked for too much sensitive information” (31%), “Due to connectivity or other technical issues” (22%), and “Took too long to complete” (21%). An interesting item of note regarding trust: the same number of shoppers (17%) trust entering credit card information into a mobile site as they do presenting the card in person (compared to just 6% feeling comfortable reading the details over the phone).

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Longer Video Content Migrating More Rapidly to Mobile

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  • There were more video views on mobile devices in Q3-2016 than on any other device, continuing an ongoing growth trend. During the quarter, longer-form content (5+ minutes) made up nearly half (48%) of all viewing on smartphones, which was more than double the 23% seen during the same period of the prior year.
  • Nearly 30% of mobile viewing was of video over 20 minutes in length. This trend is expected to continue over the next several quarters,
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