Soasta, a leading digital performance analytics company, recently conducted its State of Online 

Retail Performance Study, in which it assessed data from over 10 billion online retail user experiences. It sought to observe across online media (on desktop, mobile and tablet) the challenges presented by each second of loading time to consumer viewership and ultimate sales conversion.  Topline observation:  If a retailer’s page requires more than three seconds to load, 53% of mobile online visitors will leave.  Ensuring a quick, reliable, 24×7 all-channel experience on all devices is a prerequisite for a successful relationship with an online shopper.  Some eye-opening findings from the survey:

  • Soasta’s report closes by noting that brands intending to survive and compete effectively today, must make it a priority to remain ever-abreast of the rapid advances and intricacies of online retail and marketing. Actionable digital performance intelligence has never mattered more than now.

Source:  MediaPost Research Brief Article Link