• Increasing brand value with omni-channel strategies for optimum unaided awareness.
  • Optimization of media channels for unduplicated reach, frequency across all channels.
  • Capitalizing content and using innovative personalization for optimum consumer engagement with the brand.

Uncover how we dramatically built the HomeAdvisor brand by 35 million users.

Client Challenge:
, a free online service where consumers can source experts for home repair and improvement projects, was being outspent and outpaced in market share and brand awareness by their biggest competitor Angie’s List.

Our Strategy:
Create compelling direct response (DRTV) spots to educate consumers about the new name and demonstrate HomeAdvisor’s high standard of service.Partner with expert spokesperson, and DIY channel TV host, Amy Matthews, to add credibility to the brand.

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Our Solution:
Initially, HAWTHORNE created :120 and :60 DRTV spots that grew aided awareness. Once the longer spots gained traction, HAWTHORNE created hybrid brand/DRTV :30s and :15s that focused on a drive-to-web message.

HAWTHORNE also created a branded side-by-side comparison spot challenging their biggest competitor.
HAWTHORNE developed an optimized media plan that over time featured 65 different branded DRTV spots.

Campaign Results:
At launch, HomeAdvisor witnessed a 250% return on media investment.

Since partnering with HAWTHORNE in 2012, HomeAdvisor has acquired 35 million users, tripled service provider enrollments and grown service requests by more than six times.
The company saw significant increases in consumer awareness. Over three years, unaided awareness increased tenfold and aided awareness grew more than 40 times.