Taking Control of Diabetes by
Increasing Leads 72%

Client Background:

  • Dexcom manufactures a revolutionary medical device, the Dexcom G5® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System. The CGM allows Type 1 Diabetes patients to monitor their daily glucose levels on a continuous basis. By recording levels in five minute increments, patients can more precisely, and immediately, manage their insulin.

Client Challenge:

  • Only a relatively small percentage of diabetes patients (2-3 million) could benefit from the CGM — and most of them haven’t heard of the device.
  • There is also low awareness of the CGM within the medical care provider community.

Our Strategy:

  • Employ TV and digital video to raise awareness for the CGM and reach potential G5 users.

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Our Solution:

  • Analyze web engagement data to identify new target audiences.
  • Expand messaging to include family members and friends who help patients monitor diabetes and who often initiate the purchase cycle.
  • Recruit and shoot testimonials of both patients and family members to create a :60, :30 and :15 spots for TV and digital video.
  • Create a TV and digital media plan based upon interests and behaviors and then retarget non-converting website visitors.

Campaign Results:

  • Hawthorne’s media plan produced an impressive 72% increase in average daily qualified leads with a 41% increase in visit-to-lead conversion.
  • On average there were 44% more daily page views and 23% more daily Web visits during TV airings.
  • The retargeted audience converted to qualified leads at higher rates when compared to other digital results.