Direct Response TV (DRTV) and Infomercial Marketing

Back End - What is Back End?

Back-end refers to any product transactions occurring after the initial direct-over TV sale generated by an infomercial or short form DRTV spot. Back-end sales can account for 20 to 50% of all DRTV product sales. Additional sales of the DRTV product and related products can be generated via inbound telemarketing (up-sells), outbound telemarketing, direct mail, continuity and club programs and catalogs. Back-end sales can account for 50 to 90% of all product sales. Retail sales are generally not considered “back-end.”

Infomercial Telemarketing & Fulfillment


The real strength of a highly qualified telemarketing company is the ability to take large volumes of calls, quickly and effectively. New technology places telemarketing at a pivotal point that determines the degree of success the marketer can have. The ultimate goal is to achieve maximum call handling and maximum sales conversion.

Order fulfillment is one of those unglamorous areas of marketing that seem so easy to take care of that many people are inclined to ignore it or give it short shrift. UPS DeliveryBut if you do that, you do so at your peril. Unless your orders are packaged, handled, and shipped in a timely and professional manner, your entire infomercial effort—both in time and money—will have been a colossal waste.

From lead generation to back-end selling and follow-up, selecting a professional fulfillment house can be one of the most important investments you make in your entire program. Several full-service companies specialize in meeting the needs of infomercial marketers. They can provide everything from warehousing to custom packaging, reports, and customer service.

  • Typically unique 800#’s are assigned to each station for tracking purposes – sourcing needs to be accurate to allow for effective media buying
  • Telemarketing and fulfillment vendors need to have experience with DRTV campaigns
  • Call volumes and peaks must be closely monitored
  • Call-to-order conversions can be key to the success of the campaign
  • A seamless customer service program needs to be established
  • Quick delivery of printed material or product is essential