Direct Response TV (DRTV) and Infomercial Marketing

Infomercial Marketing Drives Retail Sales

Many Fortune 500 marketers are averse to the typical hard-sell techniques formerly associated with infomercials. But if you want to make money with a soft-sell infomercial advertising campaign, incorporating retail strategies is essential.

Money DrawerIndeed, retail sales can skyrocket by inspiring consumers who may be reluctant to purchase products directly from television. Retail sales driven by your infomercial can be anywhere from two to ten times your infomercial sales. Dollar for dollar, infomercials can be a more effective retail sales promotion technique than many print campaigns.

Today, one-step-offer infomercials for products unable to get retail shelf space are used primarily to attain retail distribution. Infomercial marketers can tell a retailer that thousands of consumers ordered their product directly from television and thousands of others called for more information. These kinds of figures grab the attention of a good many retailers, who then purchase and showcase infomercial products, realizing that “as seen on TV” are big sellers at retail.

In some cases, infomercials can succeed in driving retail beyond your wildest dreams. For example, a major housewares and personal care products retailer needed to revive lagging retail sales of a specific product. The resultant infomercial paid for itself and increased retail sales twofold in just six months.

Retail and DRTV Facts

  • More than one third of all DRTV viewers purchased via catalog, at retail or online after seeing a product on DRTV
  • You can build tremendous nationwide reach and frequency with advertising that pays for part or all of itself
  • DRTV creates high name recognition and a clear brand image at a low net cost
  • The detailed demonstrations shown on DRTV dramatize your product benefits and establish clear consumer preference

DRTV and Retail Working Together


"Infomercial exposure increases sales per category by almost 10 times or more."

- Cal Eller, V.P., Venture Stores

"People come in knowing exactly what they want and how a certain machine works. The products really fly off the shelves."

- Ann Aronson, Marketing Manager, Target Store

"Without an infomercial we simply would not have gotten retail distribution."

- Alan Millman, President, Fantom Corporation