• Expertise with proven campaigns that accelerate brand and response awareness across channels and devices.
  • Enhancement of Neuroscience principles to optimize creative content to target consumers.
  • Enhanced analytics with greater decision science impacting LTV, re-engagement and forecasting campaign growth.
  • Mix media model optimization transition to new channels and platforms.

Learn how we helped VARIDESK achieve unprecedented sales records month after month.

Client Challenge:
To become, and remain, top-of-mind VARIDESK, a global retailer of height-adjustable standing desk units and accessories, needed to refresh the brand’s look-and-feel in order to reach new markets through television.

Our Strategy: Develop a creative approach that would define and differentiate the VARIDESK brand as the ideal lifestyle choice at home or at the office.
Convince and compel people to rethink the way they work.

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Our Solution: Create and produce TV spots with a strong message communicating to home and office workers that they have authority over their workstations.
Position VARIDESK as a solution to poor posture, bad backs, increased health risks and lack of focus and energy.
Reinforce the advantages VARIDESK has over its competitors: the best price/highest quality value, simple adjustability, fully-assembled product delivery and free shipping.

Campaign Results: After two months of airtime, VARIDESK posted the strongest day of sales in the company’s history.
When the :60 spot aired just before a 2016 Presidential debate, VARIDESK site visits jumped by 300%.
Since Q4 2015, Hawthorne’s :60 spots continue to help VARIDESK set sales records month over month.