• Proven capability from product launch to “proof of concept” activation across all channels.
  • Expanding awareness to lift other marketing channels.
  • Analytic insights to prove the right acquisition and conversion stack.

Discover how we substantially decreased Carbonite’s cost-per-sale by 46%.

Client Challenge: Carbonite, an online file back-up service designed for individuals and small businesses, needed to build brand awareness, differentiate its product features and benefits and stimulate sales necessary to achieve a less than $100 cost per sale (CPS).

Our Strategy: Conduct market research and focus group testing to uncover and refine target…

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Our Solution:
We then used the research insights, such as “fear of losing critical data”, to develop resonating creative that included compelling promotional offers.

We added brand response television as a new marketing channel to complement existing print, online and radio.

Finally, we optimized the media campaign on an ongoing basis.


Campaign Results:
HAWTHORNE's TV spots reduced Carbonite’s CPS by an average of 46%—coming in at $52, well under its $100 CPS goal.

This success allowed Carbonite to expand their primarily business-to-business (B2B) footprint to include business-to-consumer (B2C).

Carbonite Case Study