Programmatic TV

Achieve a higher on-target audience delivery of your ad campaign with Programmatic TV.  

Programmatic TV (PTV) is probably the most misunderstood term used in video advertising today. So many companies claim to do Programmatic TV, but they incorrectly define what it is or inaccurately describe what it can do. At its core, Programmatic TV is simply an automated process of buying demographic TV audiences using bid-based software platforms. Just as important as what Programmatic TV can do, is what Programmatic TV cannot accomplish.

Programmatic TV is not designed to replace traditional buying that relies heavily on buying relationships and the art of negotiation. Rather, it’s a complimentary method of efficiently purchasing incremental TV by automating many of the labor intensive, time consuming processes still associated with traditional buying: sales reps, fax machines, phone calls, paperwork, etc. PTV fully automates the buying and selling of spot times at substantially reduced CPMs compared to negotiating with individual station reps. Additionally, Programmatic TV has the ability to layer first and third party audience segments from the digital world onto broadcast media to deliver more on-target messaging and greater audience response.

PTV’s unique combination of efficient rates and granular targeting are fueling its rapid growth in the media landscape.

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